Contact Automation

Step 1: Name Your Action

  • Action Identification: As the initial step, you should provide a name for your action. This name will serve as a clear reference point, helping you easily identify the action in the future. Opt for a name that is descriptive and indicative of the action's purpose.

Step 2: Choose Your Emailpref List and External Automation

  • Emailpref List Selection: On the Emailpref side, pick the list to which this action should apply. You have the flexibility to choose from your Emailpref lists.

  • External Automation: Now, on the ActiveCampaign side, select the external Automation that corresponds to the Emailpref list. This vital step ensures that your automation action integrates seamlessly with your ActiveCampaign setup.

Step 3: Define User Interaction Outcomes

  • Empower User Interaction: In this step, you're in control of defining the outcomes when a user interacts with your preference page. You have various options at your disposal.

  • Subscription Actions: Determine what should happen when a user subscribes to a particular list. You can choose to add a user to a specific automation, providing them with a tailored journey.

  • Unsubscription Actions: Likewise, decide what action to take when a user unsubscribes from a specific list. You can opt to remove them from a particular automation to halt ongoing communications or even choose to take no action at all.

By following these step-by-step guidelines, you can effectively create and manage Contact Automation, providing you with the ability to tailor user interactions based on specific lists and actions.

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