Tag a contact

Step 1: Name Your Action

  • Action Identification: As the initial step, you should provide a name for your action. This name will serve as a clear reference point, helping you easily identify the action in the future. Opt for a name that is descriptive and indicative of the action's purpose.

Step 2: Select Your Emailpref List and External Tag

  • Emailpref List Selection: On the Emailpref side, you must choose the specific list to which this action will apply. You have the flexibility to pick from your Emailpref lists.

  • External Tag Correspondence: On the ActiveCampaign side, select the external tag that corresponds to the Emailpref list you've chosen. This crucial pairing ensures that the action accurately identifies where to apply tags within your ActiveCampaign account.

Step 3: Define User Interaction Outcomes

  • Customizing User Interactions: This step empowers you to specify the outcomes when a user interacts with your preference page. For each action, you have control over what happens when a user subscribes to a specific list and when a user unsubscribes.

  • Subscription Actions: Determine the action to take when a user subscribes to a particular list. You can specify whether to add a tag to a particular user remove a tag or also do nothing.

  • Unsubscription Actions: Likewise, define what action should be taken when a user unsubscribes from a specific list. Your choices can include adding or removing tags, and ensuring that user interactions align with your campaign objectives.

Depending on your use case, Emailpref gives you the power to add/ remove a tag. You can either 1) Add a tag- If a user subscribes/ unsubscribes to a list 2) Remove a tag- if a user unsubscribes/ subscribes to a list 3) Do nothing- if a user subscribes/ unsubscribes

By following these comprehensive steps, you can effectively create and manage your "Tag a Contact" action, providing a versatile way to customize user interactions based on specific lists and tags.

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