Security Code

Enterprise Level Advanced Security

The action of adding the Security Code is a permanent action that cannot be undone.

Emailpref will be creating a custom field on ActiveCampaign under the name of EMAILPREF_SECURITY_CODE

Ensuring the security of user data is paramount in our integration with ActiveCampaign. This outlines the current security process and introduces an additional layer of protection through the Emailpref Security Code.

1. Current Process: Our existing process utilizes a query string with an Emailpref URL. This method has proven to be highly effective as ActiveCampaign embeds a link that is redirected to us. Consequently, once the user clicks on the link they will get locked into that particular email.

You will need to toggle on "Enable Security Code" while creating your integration to complete the setup.

2. Enterprise Level Security: An Extra Layer of Security for users seeking an enhanced level of security, we introduce the Emailpref Security Code. This involves the addition of a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) to each contact as a custom field. The UUID acts as an extra layer of security, providing a unique identifier that adds complexity and mitigates any potential security risks.

After configuring the security code through integration setup, remember to enable the Security Code in the Advanced Options for each preference page individually.

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