Copy, Paste & Connect

Now that your customized preference page is ready, Emailpref simplifies the process of integrating it seamlessly into your ActiveCampaign campaigns.

This method allows you to insert a link to your preference page directly within your ActiveCampaign email. Here's how:

  • Copy the preference page link from Emailpref

  • Paste this link as a hypertext, which can be customized to display as text such as "Manage your preferences" or any other preferred wording.

  • Ensure a seamless experience by hyper-linking this text to the page, like this:

Do not forget to include the email personalization tag (?email=%EMAIL%) to ensure the page is tailored to each user.

This approach is especially handy for directing your subscribers to their personalized preference page with ease.

After configuring the security code through integration setup, remember to enable the Security Code in the Advanced Options for each preference page individually.

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