Create Preference Page

Before creating a preference page in Emailpref, the following information is required

Set your data

Your lists

Choose Your Lists you want to show your preference page

Emailpref gives you two predefined lists such as Sales and Newsletter. You can add, delete, and edit these lists. These lists are example lists and are not integrated with your ESP and if not deleted, they will show or your preference page.

  1. Dropdown Selection: In the "Lists" section, you will see a user-friendly dropdown menu. This menu presents all the lists from the ESP you integrated.

  2. Handpick Your Lists: Select the specific lists you want to feature on your preference page. This selection allows you to customize which lists are visible and manageable by your subscribers.

Customize Your Selection

  1. Modify List Names: For the lists you've chosen, Emailpref allows you to modify the list names. Rename them as per your requirements.

  2. Add Descriptions: In addition, you can add descriptions to your lists. These descriptions provide clarity to your customers, helping them understand the purpose of each list.

By following these simple steps, you can tailor your preference page lists to match your unique branding and audience's needs.

Click "Save page" once you have your page ready

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