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When integrating SendGrid with Emailpref', follow these steps for customization:

1. Code Editor Selection

While creating your email template design, opt for the code editor to access advanced customization options.

2. Adding Test Data

Within the Code Editor, locate the {} Test Data window. Add the following lines to include unsubscribe and unsubscribe preferences URLs:

"unsubscribe": "",
"unsubscribe_preferences": ""

3. Test Data Modification

After adding the URLs, navigate to the code and search for {{{unsubscribe}}} and {{{unsubscribe_preferences}}}. Append ?email={{email}} to both instances. The modified code should look like this:


4. Save Your Changes

After completing the above steps, click "Save" to apply the modifications to your email template. This ensures that the unsubscribe and unsubscribe preferences links dynamically incorporate the recipient's email address.

This integration streamlines the process of managing email preferences through Emailpref, providing a personalized experience for your recipients.

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