Copy, Paste & Connect

Now that your customized preference page is ready, Emailpref simplifies the process of integrating it seamlessly into your Campaign Monitor campaigns.

  1. Select Your HTML File: Choose your HTML file either from your local computer or directly from the web.

  2. Initiate the Import: Click 'Start Import' once you've made your file selection.

  3. Review Email Preview: On the left, you'll see a preview of the email you're importing.

  4. Inspect the HTML Code: On the right, the HTML code is displayed for your reference.

  5. Adding the EmailPref Preference Link: To add the EmailPref preference link, search for 'unsubscribe' within the code and replace it with the following link: https://<yourcompany>[email].

Do not forget to include the email personalization tag (?email=[email] ) to ensure the page is tailored to each user.

This straightforward process ensures a smooth import while incorporating the EmailPref preference link for enhanced user control.

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